Meet the chef,
Aitor Garate Berasaluze.
A culinary maestro
from the Basque heartland
At just 29 years of age, Aitor Garate Berasaluze hails from the picturesque Basque countryside and has ascended to culinary stardom through sheer dedication and a lifelong passion for food. His journey began in the family bakery, nestled amidst the mountains of the Mañaria Valley, where Aitor's fascination with the alchemical process of turning simple ingredients like water and flour into bread ignited his culinary dreams.
At the age of sixteen, he embarked on a path to culinary mastery, enrolling at the Bilbao Higher School of Hoteliers and Restaurateurs. Over three years, he balanced his studies with work on the family farm and in the school's kitchen, funding his education.
Aitor's journey led him to Azurmendi, a prestigious 3-star Michelin restaurant, where he quickly ascended from a novice trainee to head of the Meat Department. A stint at the Ritz-Carlton's Abama Hotel in Tenerife followed, showcasing his poise in high-stress environments. His career took a global turn with Basking Food, promoting Basque cuisine across Europe and earning recognition for his culinary expertise through conferences, workshops, and guest chef appearances.
Aitor's passion found its ultimate expression when he joined Asador Etxebarri, ranked among the world's top restaurants. Here, he served as head sommelier and contributed to culinary innovation, closing the circle on his lifelong love for grilling and fire-cooking.
Today, Aitor is the executive chef and owner of LUR, a Spanish Basque restaurant at South Beach Food Hall (formerly TimeOut Market Miami). His cuisine has earned accolades, and LUR stands as a testament to Aitor's unwavering commitment to his craft.
In addition to his current endeavors, Aitor is working on his first brick-and-mortar restaurant, Edan Bistro, located in North Miami. Aitor's culinary journey continues to evolve, promising even more remarkable culinary adventures on the horizon.
Join us for a taste of
Basque excellence
Embark on a culinary adventure through Spain’s Basque country, one tantalizing bite at a time. Chef Aitor Garate Berasaluze invites you to experience our curated tasting menu, a showcase of seasonal dishes and specialty items that capture the essence of the region’s distinctive gastronomy. Indulge in occasional features such as the renowned Cinco Jotas ham and our signature creamy Basque cheesecake.

Our tasting menu is available daily upon request. Consisting of eight courses, this prix-fixe meal promises a journey of flavors with dishes and ingredients that evolve monthly, reflecting the freshest seasonal offerings. We invite you to savor each moment and immerse yourself in the delicious experience.
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